Anonymous: Is it bad if I always text him first? 

It’s not bad. But it’s not ideal.

Anonymous: Alright one last question, do you even wonder who your anons are? 

Yes lol every time

Anonymous: I hope not! I'll just stop asking questions now. 

Lol you don’t have to. I may just wait to answer them.

I feel so at peace today. The world is flying by, I have so much to do, but all I care about is how pretty the trees look. Fall is awesome.
Anonymous: Favourite season? Sorry finding this mini Q & A kind of entertaining. :P 

winter or summer i think. and haha i hope im not annoying everyone!

Anonymous: What is you're favourite colour? 

red, purple, green NOT TOGETHER

Anonymous: What is you're idea of an ideal date? 

movie, blankets, pizza, drinks, cold weather

Anonymous: Where is your favourite place to visit? 

Vegas, San Diego, anywhere on the coast. 

Anonymous: Do you enjoy getting asks? 

i do :) quite a bit actually

Anonymous: Good answer, agree! Bow's all the way :) 

they look better